WiseFool Has an Extensive Experience in Supporting the Workforce of Client Organizations

What a WiseFool needs to be successful goes beyond a simple “path to success” guide; instead an employee or employer needs tools and experiences that will allow them to better develop their selves, personal relationships and careers

A WiseFool Has the Right Tools to Be an Effective Member of the Workforce and to Succeed in the New Economy


Customized training and development programs for client organizations

To enable the new workforce and companies to succeed in this new economy, we must develop a community of WiseFools. This means employees better motivated to work toward both their goals and the goals of their employer, teams supported by a properly fitting workforce, and executives with clear paths toward their company’s objectives and outcomes.

With the appropriate tools in hand, companies will better understand their workforce and the employees will better understand their companies to a mutual benefit. WiseFool’s offered Coaching, Training, & Assessments are exactly the tools needed to accomplish this.

Shakespeare wrote “All the world is a stage and in his life a man plays many parts.” WiseFool believes no person will play only one character their whole professional career – and that we have the tools to guide you through every act on every stage.

There are three types of WiseFools that we work with, support and develop on a regular basis.

WiseFool Leaders

The WiseFool Leader has responsibility for the goals, objectives and planned outcomes for the community that they are responsible for.

WiseFool Novices

As the name implies, this is anyone that is having a new experience; whether that is joining a company, leading people, or taking responsibility for navigating their own career.

WiseFool Facilitating Managers

A facilitating manager understands, interprets and translates directions, goals, and stated objectives. These are employees with the role of calibrating the macro-goals of the company with the micro-activities of the individual.